Get your action Supported

Get your action Supported

Welcome to "The Market" 

Welcome to "The Market" 

From the 21st of August 2022 our Market is open: we Start with one Shop and plan to grow worldwide, towards becoming a One-Stop Shop for the Action Industry.

What is The Market?

A Multi functional E-Commerce platform.

We invite companies and individuals, to interact : post and sell products, which are related to our show business industry. You don't have to be a member of our platform to sell or buy!

Registration is free. We promote your product and become the Search Place for all who are interested in professional products, recommended by those who use them daily for work!

Unlike other companies, our share is limited, to secure major revenue for our clients and in order to keep the costs for the buyers as attractive as possible.

Our Shipment possibilities are up to you - we will chat and check what is best for you!

Either you pick it up directly, or we exchange products when we meet in one of our jobs, or we arrange for it to be delivered to your place of choice…

You get a supportive partner in us, both as Company and Client.

It is easy to use! Start clicking! Follow the instructions and let's make it work!

If you are a producer who searches for Gear related to Stunts, Martial Arts, Circus or all Action categories, feel free to contact us for advice! If we don't have it featured in our market?! We might still have the best possible deal for you via our vast network…

For our Service we charge our Members for 10% of the sale.

We Charge 15% Service, for Companies and individuals who are not yet part of the network, but enjoying its possibilities.

Both the Seller and the buyer are in touch with us, and we act as an agent for the Market and as dealer for many other companies who are in collaboration with us.

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