Get your action Supported

Get your action Supported

Get Your Action Supported by a Team

Show Talent NeTwork

A Global Casting Management Platform for:

Concept Created by Ran Arthur Braun

Stage Director and Action Designer - Leading force in the industry,
Ran quickly developed also as Casting Manager for:
  • Feature Films
  • T.V. Series
  • Live Shows
  • Theatre
  • Musical and Opera
always in cooperation with major companies world wide.

Move to the next level :

The Evolution of Network for Performers - Be Part of Professional Talent Pool - Let the Job find you! a place where the Casting Directors, Theatres and other Managers seek for your skills. You do not need to have an agent to enjoy the services and you can use our agencies for your support.
You Create your own NetWork and can update it and have control over your image and can be contracted directly by potential work givers, while from our Casting Management we will find work opportunities tailored to your set of skills and career plan.

Be part of the Game Changer
Parallel to this platform, We preset a Game Changer which allows our Collective of Agents to pursue opportunities on Stage and Screen, using their inside information, about future Shows. Ran Arthur Braun Collaborates with Agencies Tact, Intertalent Group and Stunt - Factory , providing a Pool of Performers as service also to other agencies and casting agencies based on their unique platform:
Join the Revolution be part of the Future.

We are the Alternative to all other formats - as Ran Arthur Braun is casting to his shows as well and is artistically active and in demand world wide.
You Want to Manage your self? You need Support and being part of an International Data Base?

Joint efforts job Hunts
By Using this Shared Platforms, it allows the various agents to update plans for the future and with joint efforts hunt for jobs - Show which may require Elite Skills and Talents.
They will have you in mind as they surf through the future schedules of various companies.
Producers and Other Work Givers can be in direct contact with you - with out a middle person, yet we are ready to support and manage from A to Z all that is required professionally.
When you work with Ran and his associates - you actually have the support of the many agents who are in the various agencies, as well. You do not need to be in our any other agency to be part of the network. We cover Stunt and Action Opportunities in all continents.

Equipment for professionals
If you are in need for Stunt or Circus Gear - either as a Theatre, Company or Performers - We have a dealership possibilities to provide, arrange, advice and coordinate with better deals that could be found via any other source.