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Burn In Paris


Do you want to burn ? If your answer is yes this workshop is for you. No background experiences are required to do it. You can come as a beginner or if you have some experiences already. This workshop will path through different points  : A presentation of the material and equipment, the safety, the practice (invitation , then evolving to the full body burn and finally the full body burn in a stunt situation) 

The full workshop will be cover by professphotographer and cameraman. The lunch is include in the price. 


# of workshop places:
(minimum amount of Participants: ) (5 spots taken)
Location: Paris, France
More details upon purchase
Burning Man Fashion Show

Instructor team:
Joe Toedtling (Instructor)
Professional Stuntman and Stunt Coordinator since more than 15 years. He’s the specialist of the fire. He’s detaining several officiel World Record in the Guinness Book.
Frederic Matona (Instructor)
Professional Stuntman, working for live shows, cinema, television…

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